Thanks to its ingredients ILΩS is:


High natural cosmetics, where nature and “green” biotechnology come together to create luxury products with a high concentration of active ingredients.



Defined thanks to the ISO standard (International official rule or standard that standardizes quality).
At ILOS we strictly follow the ISO standard when evaluating our products. The% ISO naturalness that we set when developing a product is greater than 95%. Many of our products reach 99% (natural origin). This ISO naturalness percentage appears in the pack of all our products.




What is vegan cosmetics? That in which the cosmetic ingredients do not have an animal origin, nor have they been tested on animals. To obtain this certification, the following must be controlled: raw materials, storage, handling, packaging, labeling, cleaning of rooms … They require that the manufacturer that does handling must have its own room for this certification or shifts where it only makes this type of products and thus avoid possible interference.


One of ILOS’s goals is to create certified vegan products (currently undergoing vegan registration). We select effective and natural ingredients that do not have an animal origin. ILOS has a vocation for vegan cosmetics with a luxury identity.





What is it? ECO / BIO / Organic cosmetics are understood to be those in which more than 95% of the active ingredients are of natural origin and follow an exclusive treatment (certified BIO). In order to obtain this certification, the following must be controlled: manufacturing processes (organic agriculture for our purpose), storage, handling, packaging, labeling, cleaning the rooms … They require that the manufacturer that does the handling must have its own room for this certification or shifts where I only make this type of product.


This is the most restrictive rule of all. With our iconic Elixir de Nuage product, we are in the process of being certified as COSMOS ORGANIC. Elixir de Nuage includes 99% of assets that have been certified as BIO / ECO / Organic in origin. To achieve this high degree of naturalness, we have had to develop and implement organic cultivation techniques in our olive grove. (Certification obtained by the Organic Agriculture Committee as organic production).


In addition, at ILOS, we always seek maximum excellence and quality in our formulas, including assets that have been certified BIO (biological) / ECO (ecological) / Organic.



Our commitment to nature and the environment are at the heart of our products. From the beginning, the eco-responsibility and contribution to the sustainability of the Spanish olive industry has been one of our priority objectives, including in our formulas active ingredients that come from by-products of the industry, and that we have demonstrated through in vitro and in vivo efficacy tests. , which provide great benefits for the skin. In addition, the search for natural ingredients means that all our products have a high percentage of naturalness. Likewise, our ecological commitment not only focuses on the selection of ecological or eco-friendly ingredients, but, following the ecological transition process, our packaging is 100% recyclable.


We are committed to the fight against waste and we promote the circular economy, thus fighting with the idea of ​​creating single-use packaging in the market. We will reconcile luxury with sustainability.




The term “Animal Friendly”, “Respect for animals” or Cruelty free “refers to those products that have not been tested on animals.

Of course ALL ILOS products are Animal Friendly and we indicate this in our packs.





The result of all this effort is highly cosmetic products, with a high concentration of active ingredients, formulas with great basic research and proven results, for a consumer who seeks excellence and luxury cosmetics with careful attention to detail. In addition, our products have been made using the most advanced technology and demanding a very high commitment from the ingredients that make up the heart of our formulas. For this reason, our products must comply with a standard of origin of more than 95% naturalness and use ingredients that respect the environment, that respect animals and our skin.