“When science discovers what the olive tree has always known”


Busto y Olivo by Ilos

The olive tree is one of the most long-lived trees we find in nature.

Its got a great capacity to recover from all sorts of aggressions: sun, temperature, pollution, lack or excess of water, wildfires, bolts of lightning, wind, parasites, insects, etc. Above it all, the olive tree stands still. The tree can’t hide, attack nor run.

Ingredientes sérum Ilos

¿Whats the secret to his longevity and strength?



ILΩS Natural Luxury Cosmetics




The secret can only be found if we look very closely under a microscope. In its molecules, we find the genetic code that allows it to protect and regenerate itself year after year after year no matter what. The biomolecules to longevity.



More than 14 years of research and development, more than 30 applied studies on the matter, more than 250 volunteers to evaluate the quality of ingredients, a few patents later, and all the Spanish science on the olive tree, the secret is finally found and applied to the skin.

Our 100% olive tree patented ingredients:


ILOS Antiox, Bio-óleo y Redensifier
Ilos cuida de tu piel

The great amount of research done in vitro and in vivo on our ingredients allows us to identify and confirm the following properties:


    • Rejuvenating and protecting your cells.
    • Stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other skin structural proteins.
    • Improvement in skin healing and damage repairmen.
    • Improvement in skin tone and density.
    • Increase in the thickness of mature skin.
    • Soothing and reducing skin swelling and irritation.
    • Superior antiox capacity.
    • Illuminating skin and reducing skin spots.
    • Preventing photoaging.
    • Increase of solar protection capacity (Includes infra-red and blue light).
    • Repairmen of skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.
    • Builds up skin’s strength against the sun.
    • Builds up skin’s protection against pollution.
    • Soothing damaged and sensitive skin.
    • Nurtures and hydrates thoroughly.





All this knowledge has been translated into all of our products.