Nature and science, a magical fusion.


For more than 14 years, Elena Grau has been studying natural molecules, with her cosmetic company pioneer in the creation of active ingredients and the components of the olive tree.

Many brands work with the benefits of olive oil, but no other brand has studied on a molecular level the bio components we find in the olive tree as a whole living being and has later applied all that science to care for and repair our skin.

ilos Olivo


Elena Grau and her team

Found out that there are many hidden secrets
behind the residue left after the production of olive oil.
In the leaves, the olive skin, the seeds…


El Árbol de olivo de Ilos


The project

Years after, the fruit of their collaboration,
a project formed by different experts in the field is born.
All of them were brought together
under the same tree
to develop an exclusive cosmetic line sustained,
by the solid foundation of nature and science.

The original formula

After hundreds of studies and thousands of hours of investigation and development, in 2018 finally, the best ingredients are broughttogether for the original formula to be discovered, and eventually evolve into the Elixir de Nuage that we know today.

A magical blend between the finest ingredients found in the olive tree and the most innovative technology. ILOS Natural Luxury Cosmetics is born.